Welcome to Samosas & Sunshine!

Here’s a little info to get this all started…

The goal of this website is to give readers advice, anecdotes and resources from a non-indian bride who has recently married into a South Indian family.  From info on where to get your family outfits for the wedding to the hilarious tale of my first puja and from my MIL’s semi-secret samosa recipe to a guide detailing what you’re supposed to call you FIL’s elder sister, Samosas & Sunshine will be a humorous resource for Indians and non-Indians alike.

Why Samosas and Sunshine?

Since I’m not quite ready to share my name with the world, please call me Sunshine.  A smiley blond, Sunshine has been my nickname since childhood.  In college, I became interested in Indian culture and made my first trip to India in 2006.  When I went back to school that fall I met and woo’d my now Husband with my extensive knowledge of Bollywood.  After dating for 8 years and another trip to India, I thought I was pretty knowledgeable about Indian culture.  But nothing could prepare me for what happened after my Husband popped the question, and I said yes.

The full force of a new Indian family and the wedding planning process was a crash course in family relations, South Indian traditions, Hinduism, DIL obligations, Indian food, the Indian American community and so much more.  I finally became a South Indian wife in the fall of 2015 (and will be a South Indian mother soon if my grandmother-in-law has her way!).  I hope my experiences could make someone else’s less overwhelming.  Plus, I want to hear from others out there, so I have the tools to cope as I enter this whole new phase of life.

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