Welcome to Samosas & Sunshine!

Here’s a little info to get this all started…

The goal of this website is to give readers advice, anecdotes and resources from a non-indian bride who has recently married into a South Indian family.  From info on where to get your family outfits for the wedding to the hilarious tale of my first puja and from my MIL’s semi-secret samosa recipe to a guide detailing what you’re supposed to call you FIL’s elder sister, Samosas & Sunshine will be a humorous resource for Indians and non-Indians alike.

Why Samosas and Sunshine?

Since I’m not quite ready to share my name with the world, please call me Sunshine.  A smiley blond, Sunshine has been my nickname since childhood.  In college, I became interested in Indian culture and made my first trip to India in 2006.  When I went back to school that fall I met and woo’d my now Husband with my extensive knowledge of Bollywood.  After dating for 8 years and another trip to India, I thought I was pretty knowledgeable about Indian culture.  But nothing could prepare me for what happened after my Husband popped the question, and I said yes.

The full force of a new Indian family and the wedding planning process was a crash course in family relations, South Indian traditions, Hinduism, DIL obligations, Indian food, the Indian American community and so much more.  I finally became a South Indian wife in the fall of 2015 (and will be a South Indian mother soon if my grandmother-in-law has her way!).  I hope my experiences could make someone else’s less overwhelming.  Plus, I want to hear from others out there, so I have the tools to cope as I enter this whole new phase of life.

Next Post:  Everyone’s an Auntie! Jumping into the deep end with a guide to Tamil family names.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Samosas & Sunshine!

  1. We love our new “matuponnu” and her wholly enthusiastic dive into the south indian culture (with lots of north indian culture mixed in). Enjoyed reading the blog…and admired the passion with which it is written. We want to read more.


    • Thank you so much for reading! It means a lot to me that you approve. Hopefully, I’ll be sharing more of your wisdom with the blogging community 🙂


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