Sushi Yasaka: Sushi-Palooka 2016

Sushi Yasaka


251 W 72nd St
New York, NY 10023
b/t Broadway & West 72nd St 
Upper West Side

A medium sized restaurant buzzing with activity.  And that’s no surprise with a $45 for 12 piece omakase.  As my friend mentioned, it’s a 1/3 the price without being 1/3 the quality.  In fact, from my novice POV, I felt they were more creative than Kura with interesting toppings.  Take a look!

Yellowtail, Red Snapper, Scallop

Yellowtail, Red Snapper with Kelp & Torched scallop w/ yuzu pepper

  • At this point, I just want them to torch everything!  Adds flavor and texture!

Shrimp, Horse Mackerel, Tuna

Lemony cold shrimp w/ dry and crispy head

  • This was a favorite.  The cool temperature and zing of lemon was a welcome surprise

Japanese horse mackerel w/ scallions

Marinated Bluefin Tuna

  • I won’t lie, the marinade gave it a tasty kick!

Fatty Tuna, Mackerel, King Salmon

Chew toro medium fatty tuna

Japanese mackerel

King Salmon with Acura

  • Now this is a dream come tre


Uni, Fatty Tuna, EEl

Maine Uni, Seared Fatty Tuna & Eel

  • I won’t lie.  At this point I am oddly full and could have gone without the eel.  But as always, the fatty tuna is the treat of the Omakase


Two Omakases.  Two very different prices.  Both delicious.

I returned home satisfied and feeling much more educated about the flavors and etiquette of sushi.  I have enough memories that I feel I can reminisce about the delicious pieces without having to run out and plop down a chunk of money every week.  Average sushi will get me through until I feel I need another indulgent omakase.

My last note is that I suggest you go with good company to fill out the time and share your experiences.  Thanks Uni Diaries 🙂  But also, don’t be afraid to ask the chef about what you’re eating.

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