Recipe: Upma

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Upma is served in my/my husband’s family as breakfast, much like a hearty porridge, but Americans might feel it is more of a lunch or dinner side.  Warm, hearty, filling with a zing.  I’m sorry there are few measurements, but these are the types of things that are done from memory and to taste.  So try it first for yourself and then you can adjust the amounts of everything.  It doesn’t seem like a dish you can really mess up too much. Good luck!


  • Curry Leaves
  • Sooji (Wheatlets)
  • A few green chilis and about 2 tbs worth of ginger
  • Canola Oil
  • Urad Dal
  • Mustard Seeds
  • Red onion
  • Vegetables – frozen carrots and peas (can substitute with green beans or tomato)


  1. Wash & dry curry leaves

    Wash and dry curry leaves
    Wash and dry curry leaves
  2. Roast sooji for a few minutes until there is a slight change in color.  Put in a glass container

    Roast Sooji
    Roast Sooji
  3. Cut/slice chilis and ginger

    green chillies and ginger
    green chillies and ginger
  4. Heat canola oil
  5. Put mustard seeds in oil, reduce heat, and cover to prevent seeds from popping out

    Mustard Seeds
    Mustard Seeds
  6. When popping stops, put in a few spoonfuls of Urad Dal

    Urad Dal
    Urad Dal
  7. Leave in until the white dal turns light brown
  8. Add green chili and ginger
  9. Stir oftenadd ginger and chillies
  10. Add oniononions
  11. Add vegetablesvegetables
  12. After a minute or two add boiling water.  2X water as the amount of sooji
  13. Add ripped curry leaves
  14. Bring to boil on high
  15. Add shoji slowly while stirring
  16. Half the heat
  17. Stir to prevent lumps
  18. When it’s thick, it’s done!


Side pointer from the FIL: If you trim the stems of coriander and stand the bunch upright in cup of water, they’ll last longer.  The Bag keeps the moisture in.IMG_1521

p.s. Sorry the videos are HUGE.  Still figuring it out.


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